Hello Bloggers,

Today I’m writing to simply introduce myself to my readers and, hopefully, some fellow writers and bloggers!

My name is Adam Durie and I live in beautiful eastern Canada, Toronto Ontario (also known as the center of the universe).  For the first 28 years of my life I took in the ocean breeze of Vancouver Island – as well as it’s endless tourists.

I came to Toronto for opportunity.  I enjoy having a full-plate and in my small town in BC I capped out at every corner.  Working for a major bank at the time, as a teller in fact, I was lucky enough to get a transfer to the middle of the city.  Small-town boy meets big scary city… and didn’t miss a step (metaphorically that is… I literally got lost constantly).

Since then I’ve become a financial advisor.  My passion for relationship management, financial planning, and advice drive me forward.  As a consultant I love my job.  I get to draw a road-map to people’s dreams and get paid for it; who wouldn’t love that?  If my boss is reading this I better at least get a follow.

Now I have reached a time where I feel like I might have some knowledge to share.  My clients are my family but alas.. I can only help them one-by-one.  In today’s day and age we’re all able to bring a lot more to the table and so we should.  If knowledge is power, why not arm each other to the hilt?  But what do I bring to the table?

Besides a broad jaw I know a great deal about financial concepts – in addition to a financial advsior I’m also a personal financial planner,- investment management, budgeting, and the economy in general.  To that end I will provide advice on these matters.

But I wasn’t always a financial advisor!  Before settling into this career I starting working at a very young age and have worked every job under the sun (sometimes quite literally).  Ready for it?  I’ve been:

  • A bell-person
  • A wharfinger
  • A computer salesman
  • An insurance salesman
  • An advisor’s assistant
  • A landscaper
  • A janitor (4 times)
  • An arcade…. person
  • A copy and print service worker
  • A banquet captain
  • An alarm installer
  • A security guard (3 times)
  • A security operations supervisor
  • A server
  • A dishwasher (twice)
  • A fish gutter
  • A cashier (twice)
  • A sous chef
  • A bank teller
  • A financial advisor
  • A private banking officer
  • a customer service representative

Yea.. I know what you’re thinking.. this guy can’t hold onto a job!  Well stop being rude, first of all.  I mean I don’t even know you what’s your problem?

But also, aside from developing a broad skill-set that has made me adaptable, dynamic and ever-growing it has honed my expertise in a vital asset of any job… people.  I will also be writing a great deal about career-advancement, efficiency in the workplace, and effective communication.

Lastly I will randomly post recipes.  Agreeably… out of context but I’m going to anyway.  Try and stop me.  You can’t.  Literally, you can’t.

Hopefully I can be a productive source of advice and insight but I’ll settle for a source of amusement and ridicule; it makes me reminisce about my dating days.  I feel all warm and fuzzy already.

Best regards,